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"Am I Happy Now?" - Let's flip the coin of life and dance to the heart's answer, whether it's "Heads

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

As I delved deeper into the captivating question of "AM I HAPPY NOW?", I decided to put it to the ultimate test – myself! And guess what? The result was a dazzling "YES!!!" I'm now marching on the joyous path of true happiness!

In my previous blog, I sprinkled some happiness hacks, stressing the magic of pursuing dreams and keeping hope alive. And let me tell you, it's been one heck of a ride! Writing about my feelings unleashed an explosion of relief and empowerment. It's like discovering the secret power-up in a video game – you feel invincible and ready to conquer your dreams!

But you know what they say – some folks doubted the dream-chasing potential. Ha! Not me! I'm living proof that dreams do come true, my friends! Patience is the secret ingredient, and when the perfect chance knocks, pounce on it like a playful kitten!

Now, let's talk about my recruitment adventure. Picture me as a super-savvy Recruitment Trainee in a fancy MNC, shining like a star. I enjoyed the job, and boy, did I impress everyone with my project wizardry! But here's the twist – whenever a tiny bump appeared, I'd feel like the world was crashing! 😵

And that's when it hit me – I liked recruitment, sure, but it wasn't my grand passion. Dreams are like glitter bombs – they explode with enthusiasm, and there's no stopping them! So, I peered into the depths of my soul and discovered my true calling – creativity and writing!

I bet you're itching to know what happened next! Hold onto your hats – my first writing gig was about... ta-da! Recruitment! Oh, the irony! But I won't complain because it opened the gateway to my dreamy world of words! The article wowed everyone, and my heart skipped a beat with joy! 🎉

So, I tossed aside the recruitment cape (thank you for the opening act, recruitment!) and embraced the world of content writing! Now, I'm on cloud nine, balancing my work with my fiery passion!

Let me give you a top-secret tip – opportunities to chase your dreams are like sneaky ninja moves; they'll show up when you least expect them! Stay vigilant and snag 'em like a pro!

Here's the key to true happiness – pursue your passion like a treasure hunt! When you're fueled by your dreams, happiness becomes your loyal sidekick! Embrace your passion and let it guide you to everlasting joy and success!

And with that, I bid you adieu! Remember, my friends, keep the "YES" in "HAPPY," and keep rocking those dreams like a superstar! 🌟💫

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